Update to end all updates


Sitting here recovering from the flu and having a hot chocolate. Guess who is back and on uni break, this guy. While I work on the character sheet that is too long over due I’d like to apologize for that week long vanishing act and the weeks before I have done, my immune system is shot and I’ve been sick constantly.

Getting back on track, I’ve had people express wanting to keep this blog around for updates but I am still not sure if I will, I will be setting up my portfolio and art blog in the next week in the meantime and will link to that and some previous/new work as well. While I sniffle I will like to also touch on commissions, part one of this two part commission is a few hours away from completion as well as the second part merely needing to be rendered up to this point. After this there is one large commission and my schedule is clear. 

As an update I’d like to state that since my health is destroying a lot of my chances to actually work on art of any kind [as well as still needing to replace pc] I will only be accepting simple commissions [unless you’ve previously got some king of arrangement with me/we have discussed things in the past]. if my health improves I will open complex commissions once again but for now that’s all I’m capable of doing, sorry folks.

Alrighty is that all I needed to cover? This has been a semi long read, terribly sorry about that and I intend to be more active once everything isn’t a hassle. I’ve been sick for almost 2 years now and I’m getting awfully weary from it. Thanks to all the support and well wishes from you all, a health update will be on the way soon as I get over this viral disease so they can run the tests without further things clouding results. I wish you all the best, feel free to drop me a line on either here, deviantart, tumblr, skype or steam  if you’d like to catch up.

Thanks beautiful people.